Chile’s Bicentennial Naval Review

Let’s face it, with 2,700 miles of coastline, Chile is a maritime country, and the national Armada (that’s Navy) pulls some weight. This year’s Bicentennial Celebrations included a Naval Review. Some 300 ships from Chile and 5 other countries participated, and the Air Force joined in for good measure.

Chile's Bicentennial Naval Review, Wulff Castle in Viña del Mar

Although the Parada Militar (check out images of that from last year) takes place every year, this is just the 13th Naval Review–the first took place 100 years ago to mark the Centennial Celebration.  President Sebastián Piñera joined Naval Commander Admiral Eduardo González aboard the Esmeralda in Valparaíso, where the “parade” began with an air show. The ships then made the loop of the bay from Valpo (Valparaíso) to Concón.

Chile's Bicentennial Naval Review, Desfile Naval bicentenario

Unfortunately we missed the air show because we badly miscalculated how many people would head to Viña. The traffic jam started several kilometers outside of town, where people had given up and gathered high in the hills to watch from the heights, but I wanted to be in the thick of things. And thick it was! Thousands of people lined the entire bay and it took a while and a bit of ingenuity to find a spot, and we finally wrangled our way down to the sand at the outlet of the Estero Marga Marga where we could see the ships as they rounded the bed around the Castillo Wulff.

Submarine during Chile's Bicentennial Naval Review

It's not often that you get to see a submarine pass by!

Chilean Bicentennial Naval Review

Naval zodiacs accompany a Chilean warship

Chile's Bicentennial Naval Review- Fire fighting ship

One of my favorites, the fire fighting ship!

4 responses to “Chile’s Bicentennial Naval Review

  1. Ohh I was there too, the air show was really impressive!

  2. Half of Chile was there I think! I’m really sorry I missed the air show. I’ve seen some of the videos and it really did look incredible!

  3. Wow, when I photographed navy ships I got into trouble! How come you’re allowed? Whose pockets are you lining? hahaha

  4. Hahaha- guess you just have to know the right people! And hang out with a million or so of them while they’re all doing the same thing that day!

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