Let’s Call it a Year

Chilean New Years Traditions © M Snook T 2010Nope, 2011 hasn’t been my favorite year, but I’m putting it all behind me and gearing up for what promises to be a pretty interesting 2012.

Nope, I’m not going to pour out my thoughts on the past 364 days (have pretty much done that already, don’t you think?).

Nope, not going to spill my resolutions for what is to come (would rather just do that as we go along rather than have to explain why I didn’t do this or that after all).

But what I AM going to do:

Here’s Wishing you all One Heck of a Great New Year, and as a bonus, re-share some Chilean tips for improving your shots for 2012:

9 Chilean Traditions for a Happy New Year

So, whether you’re watching fireworks at the beach, smooching your sweetie on the dance floor, or watching the ball drop on TV tonight, I’ll be raising a glass of sparkly and saying:

Cheers! ¡Salud! Saude! Prosit! L’chaim! Chin Chin! Kampai! Proost! Salute! Slainte! and Saha!

May 2012 be your best year yet!!


16 responses to “Let’s Call it a Year

  1. HAppy NEw Year to you MArkgaret…the chanmpagne is flowing here in Portugal as I sit here on My PC…
    Cheers to 2012 and to you my first blogging friend 🙂

  2. Hi, Margaret. Here’s to you, as Joan Baez said… Hope 2012 is the best for you and for everyone.

  3. Happy New Year, Margaret! Here’s to 2012!

  4. May 2012 be your best year ever Margaret. It takes a super-cool gringa like you to find out all those neat little things about Chile. Until I read this here, I never heard about those ‘9 Chilean traditions’. Best and warmest wishes to you and your loved ones para el Año Nuevo.

  5. @PiP-Feliz Ano Novo!! And really? I was your first blogging friend? What an honor!! The sun is about to set here in Chile, things are starting to wind up for the big night, and we have front row seats for the fireworks!
    @John-Thanks for the “super cool” part! And seriously? You never heard of these traditions? My husband’s family doesn’t do them, but we have friends who do!
    @Raúl- Really? Joan Baez said that? 😉
    Thanks to everyone- Hope your 2012 is filled with many delights large and small!

  6. Hi Margaret.
    We used to go out and get in line to ring the temple bells when the kids were young. What a kick off to the new year if you were first in line you were given a traditional headband indicating your good luck at being the first to ring the bell. The city resonated with the deep drone of bells everywhere. We would take an ember from the temple fire pit and rush home to light the stove with the first flame of the year, make tea and discuss all the thing that we would do in the new year. Promises, promises. Happy New Year Margaret! thanks for all the great reads.

  7. What a wonderful tradition! We went to the beach with my father-in-law and brother-in-law, had a very nice dinner, toasted at midnight, and watched the fireworks display from our balcony. Not as reflection-filled as yours, but nice all the same!
    And a very Happy New Year to you and yours John!

  8. Dear Margaret,
    I am enjoying reading your blog. I was adopted from Chile in the 1970s and will be returning for the first time this Feb/March (www.insearchofhomefilm.com). It would be wonderful to speak with you further about the country and your experiences. We are working on planning for our time there and hoping to connect with Chileans or expats living there.

    Very warmly,

  9. Hi Christine- Wow! I can only begin to imagine the wide range of emotions you must be feeling right now! I taught in a study abroad program for many years and one of my students chose Chile so she could find her birth mother–and did! Her adoptive mom came down and they met her together. Still gives me shivers thinking about it.
    Would be very happy to talk with you when you’re here! Please send me an email when you have your schedule set.
    All the best to you! Looking forward to following your progress!

  10. Dear Margaret:
    Thank you so much for your kind note! Yes, a mix of emotions, especially now that it is less than a month before we arrive in Chile.
    I would love to talk with you more and meet with you in person soon enough! 🙂 Would you mind if I emailed you about our possible plans and asked for some advice? I’m not sure what your email is as I can’t seem to find it here but mine is: info@insearchofhomefilm.com

  11. Hi Christine-I see you’ve sent me an email–Looking forward to hearing more about your project & I’ll answer in a bit–but for anyone else who’s looking, it’s in the About & Contact up top.

  12. I think my husband’s family did some of the traditions last year, but not this year…(the luca in the shoe didn’t seem to work!)

    Hope you have a good year.

  13. a good one!
    twittered in

  14. Great traditions! I’m smiling trying to put my brothers and sisters into these scenes as kids as well as adults. Here’s to 2012 !
    Love, Barb

  15. Hi Pip- thanks for asking… YES! Very much OK and currently traveling, with limited internet time. Looks like 2012 is going to be a very busy year!

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