Viña Von Siebenthal Presents: Chico Trujillo

Macha / Chico Trujillo

Chico Trujillo celebrating 15 years of Viña Von Siebenthal, November 2012

There are some great stories in Chilean wine, and Viña Von Siebenthal has its share. Wine-loving Swiss lawyer Mauro Von Siebenthal dreamed of making a wine of his own and set about turning wishes to reality in the Aconcagua Valley.

Viña Von Siebenthal Tatay de Cristobal 2009So now, 15 years and 7 wines later, Mauro is a happy man and wanted to share his joy–and his wines–with those who helped him get to where he is today. So he invited a few hundred friends to the Hotel W in Las Condes, set up a couple buffets, and let the wines flow freely–from his new Rococó Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon to his ever-popular Carmenere, Carabantes, and Parcela 7 to the top-of-the-line Montelig, Toknar, and Tatay de Cristobal.

The hit of the night, however, was hands-down in-the-air Chico Trujillo Chile’s favorite Nueva Cumbia Chilena band guaranteed to jazz the crowd into a singing, dancing, bouncing, arm-waving frenzy. Check it out yourself:

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Chico Trujillo: Loca (not only one of the group’s most popular songs, but a great video of some of Santiago’s sights and streets):

For more on Chico Trujillo: Chico Trujillo Myspace

For more on Nueva Cumbia Chilena (español): TVN 24 Horas news report


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  1. I love your posts and I’m happy you’re back!

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