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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

What photographer doesn’t love light? And while natural light is absolutely lovely, I wanted something different for this challenge:

© Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards

These images were shot during the 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards ceremony in Santiago de Chile in January 2009. The artist is Marcelo Peña-Villegas who performs as Metahue. (See more about him and his music at Etnoelectrónico). Continue reading


Freshly Pressed Again: Accordions are hotter than you think!

It’s happened again… a sign from the hosting honchos at Word that someone over there has their eye on Cachando Chile. Turns out that the “Confessions of a Closet Accordion Lover” caught their eye and they “Freshly Pressed” it, which means that they plucked it from among nearly half a million posts and put it out there front and center for all the Word Press world to see.

Word Press Freshly Pressed / Cachando Chile / Accordion Lover

If you missed the post, take a look: Confessions of a Closet Accordion Lover. Continue reading

Confessions of a Closet Accordion Lover

**This post was “Freshly Pressed” on March 30, 2011

I have just come to realize that I have a thing about accordions. Weird, you say? Cheesy, maybe? Uncool, you think? Sorry, conclude away, but I am here to confess. Truth be told, it took me a long time to realize it, but I have been enamored of the instrument since Carmella Cartino brought hers to show and tell in 4th grade. My parents didn’t take it very seriously that evening when I told them about it. We were neither Italian nor Polish—the two ethnic groups most associated with accordions in our neck of the woods.

Japanese Accordionist in Rome (I promise as soon as I find his card, I will include his name!)

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Postcard from Concón

Postcard, Concón, Chile, M Snook, Cachando Chile

Bird's Eye view of surfers practicing for the big one at La Boca in Concón, Chile.

It’s summer in the southern hemisphere and surfers practice their skills all along the Chilean coast. Concón’s La Boca beach (where the Aconcagua River meets the Pacific Ocean) is a popular place for beginning surfers to learn before trying their hand at the larger, world-class waves in Pichilemu and elsewhere.

Be sure to wear a wet suit–and just blame the frigid waters on the Humboldt Current that makes its way up the Chilean coastline from the deep south close to Antarctica.

If the water’s not your thing, ride a horse, or better yet, buzz over by air in one of these colorful little parachute-planes!

Cachando Chile is Awesome (Matador Says So)

Everyone loves a bit of back-patting, and Cachando Chile has been getting its share lately. Gotta admit I love it. So please forgive a bit of shameless horn-tooting: Anne Merritt of the Matador Network (big-time travel blog for those who don’t already know) just included Cachando Chile on her list of
20 Awesome Expat Blogs.”

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Cachando Chile just got “Pressed”

Cool News! Cachando Chile just made the “Freshly Pressed” list, which they call: “The best of 365,245 bloggers, 539,495 new posts, 399,976 comments, & 105,828,107 words today on”

Cachando Chile "Freshly Pressed" on

Each day the folks at pore over tons of blogs and pick a handful to single out. Today they set their sites on Cachando Chile!

I’ve got to admit that I’m tickled maroon (don’t care much for pink). Thanks to WordPress and all the Cachando Chile faithfuls!

Some days are like that–you just never know what‘s going to happen!

Here’s the post they liked: Language Play & Politics a la Chilensis

Take a wander over there and check out some of the other hot blogs of the day! Freshly Pressed at