Postcards from Chile: Bicentennial Greetings!

Chile's Bicentennial Fireworks in Viña del Mar

Chile’s recent Bicentennial Celebrations included fireworks in many parts of the country. These in Viña del Mar, September 18, 2010.

3 responses to “Postcards from Chile: Bicentennial Greetings!

  1. Hi, Margaret:
    Thanks for your Bicentennial greetings. As you have probably noticed, we are trying to stand up to this glorious date, in spite of the plentiful alcohol we have consumed…

  2. Hi Raúl- I’m not sure if this postcard got lost in the mail, or if it was just waiting for the final “Dieciocho Chico” to go by… and as long as you’re drinking some good red Chilean wine, at least you’re filling up with antioxidants to be in good shape for the Tricentennial!

  3. Hey Margaret!

    You made a really cool card and I’m really hoping to get back to Chile in March! Hope all is well and that the story about the miners will calm down a bit. I’m trying as hard as I can to return, hope to see you in March! Will you be there? XX

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