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A Walk in the Woods (and a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Walk in the Woods. Doñihue, Cotaulco, Cachapoal, Chile

Enormous poplar trees dwarfed us during a walk in the woods made even better with friends on a long lazy weekend at their farm, near Doñihue, about 60 km south of Santiago de Chile. Continue reading


Sunset over Concón

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Red,” and man have I got some red for you!

Sunset over Concon, Chile

Sunset over Concón, Chile

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

Pacific Ocean meets Colchagua coast, Central Chile. ©Margaret Snook, 2009

Chile by Air: Pacific Ocean off the coast of Colchagua in central Chile

This week’s Photo Challenge theme just popped up in my email: Ocean.
Ah! In Chile that’s a piece of cake! Here’s a favorite, taken from a small plane over the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Colchagua in central Chile. Continue reading

Postcard from Chile: Greeting from Moon Valley

Sunset at the Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, Chile

Sunset at Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), Atacama Desert, Chile

Wow- Look what just turned up! The mail is a bit slow this time of year.
My friend Kathleen Skoczen and son Alex were here in January and spent a week exploring San Pedro de Atacama. She caught this wonderful shot of her son at sunset at the Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna) in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.

Thanks for the card Kathleen! Gorgeous picture!.

Postcard from Concón

Postcard, Concón, Chile, M Snook, Cachando Chile

Bird's Eye view of surfers practicing for the big one at La Boca in Concón, Chile.

It’s summer in the southern hemisphere and surfers practice their skills all along the Chilean coast. Concón’s La Boca beach (where the Aconcagua River meets the Pacific Ocean) is a popular place for beginning surfers to learn before trying their hand at the larger, world-class waves in Pichilemu and elsewhere.

Be sure to wear a wet suit–and just blame the frigid waters on the Humboldt Current that makes its way up the Chilean coastline from the deep south close to Antarctica.

If the water’s not your thing, ride a horse, or better yet, buzz over by air in one of these colorful little parachute-planes!

Postcard from Chile: Giant Hummingbird in Zapallar

Giant Hummingbird (Picaflor gigante) ©2011 Margaret Snook T

Giant Hummingbird captured in flight near the coast in Zapallar in Central Chile (© M Snook for Cachando Chile)

I made the Post a Week Pledge just 3 weeks ago, and I’m already having a hard time keeping up! But I’m bound and determined to make good on my promise and catch up ASAP! And that means you’ll probably be seeing a few more postcards from me in the near future!

For more on Chile’s Giant Hummingbird and other summer-inspired ramblings, read on!

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Aromos mean SPRING!

Happy September! It’s Chile’s favorite month—for many reasons. Spring is on its way! The Independence Day holidays will soon be here and signs of Bicentennial Pride are already appearing, but perhaps best of all is the return of color!

Aromos on Route 68, Chile

Aromos bloom in early spring along Route 68, between Santiago and the coast.

Chile has a Mediterranean climate, which means a wonderfully long, hot, dry summer, but then we get the bill—3 or 4 months of drab, smoggy, rainy, and black- white-and-shades-of-gray winter. But get through August and everything changes (see Ya Pasamos Agosto)… and the first sign that winter is finally Continue reading


Chile by Air (and coolest job in the world)

This gallery contains 11 photos.

I love my job. For me, it just doesn’t get better than this–a day’s work that includes flying over the mountains, through the valley, out over the sea and back again for a day of wine tasting in the Colchagua Valley, with good food and great company to boot! Check out the view! Continue reading