I always have a camera with me–either a DSLR (Canon EOS 5D or 7D) or a pocket-sized Lumix DMC ZR1–because every time I walk out my door I come across something interesting. This section is my way of sharing a slice of everyday life in Chile with you. I can’t promise a new card every day… but I’ll drop a line as often as I can!

February 8, 2011: Beach fun in Concón

Postcard, Concón, Chile, M Snook, Cachando Chile

Bird’s Eye view of surfers practicing for the big one at La Boca in Concón

See original post: Postcard from Concón.

January 17, 2011: Giant Hummingbird (Picaflor Gigante) in Flight, Zapallar, Chile

Hummingbird (picaflor) in Zapallar, Chile

Hummingbird captured in flight by the coast in Zapallar in Central Chile (©2011 M Snook for Cachando Chile)

A hummingbird–or “picaflor” (pee-ka-FLOR) in Spanish–feeds  on these typical flowers, which unfortunately I cannot name. If anyone knows what they are, please let us know! I’d also like to know the name of this particular hummingbird, which is larger than the typical ones in the US.

See original post for an additional photo that shows the bird’s beak and technical information about its physical description and habitat.

September 18, 2010: Bicentennial Fireworks

It seems this postcard got lost in the mail and turned up a bit late!

Chile's Bicentennial Fireworks in Viña del Mar

Bicentennial Fireworks in Viña del Mar, September 18, 2010

September 26, 2010: manicero (Old-time peanut vendor)

Maniceros–peanut vendors–are still a very common site on the streets and in the plazas of Chilean cities, although the old-time train-shaped cart with its smoldering smoke stack and steam whistle have all but disappeared and given way to larger and more modern carts.

Vendedor de Mani--Peanut Vendor

El “Manicero.” Old-time peanut vendor.

July 31, 2010: Valparaíso & Andes

Although Chile is known for its mountains and the sea, there are not many opportunities to see both at the same time. This shot was taken from Cerro Alegre, right after several days of heavy rain in July (winter). The sun came out to reveal this spectacular view of the snow-covered Andes across the bay.

View from Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso, across the bay to Viña del Mar and the Andes beyond.

June 7: Tango Dancing at the Aníbal Troilo Tango Club in Santiago.

I bet most people don’t realize that Chileans love tango too, and there are many clubs in Santiago and Valparaíso dedicated to long nights of dancing, dining, and letting this hauntingly beautiful music tug at your heartstrings!

Live tango and dancing at the Aníbal Troilo Tango Club in Santiago de Chile

June 6: Humedal de Mantagua, Retoque, Chile.

Humedal de Mantagua (Mantagua Wetlands) © M Snook

Peaceful canoeing in the Mantagua Wetlands beside the point that the Aconcagua River empties into the Pacific Ocean. © M Snook 2010

June 2, 2010: Concepción, Chile.

Mapuche Toqui Lautauro Plaza de Armas Concepción, Chile ©M Snook 2010

Statue of Mapuche warrior Toqui Lautaro in the Plaza de Armas, Concepción, Chile


12 responses to “Postcards

  1. What a great idea. And love you lots right back!

  2. Glad you liked it! You can look for more of these on a pretty regular basis!

  3. I do like this quick peek. Often don’t have time to read the whole blog.

  4. HI Diane!
    Well, that’s the idea- a bunch of quick peeks that put together will give people an idea about what life in Chile is all about!

  5. cool. So how do we get on your mailing list?

  6. Patience my friend! I’ve got a lot of people on my mailing list!
    In fact, I plan on sending cards TO Chile whenever I’m away!!

  7. Linda idea y hermoso trabajo! me encantó. Un abrazo Peg! 😉

    Nice idea and beautiful work! I loved it. A hug! 😉

  8. Marcelo! ¡Me siento extramadamente honrada! Que viene de ti, lo siento un elogio grande!
    Los demás… echen una mirada al blog de Marcelo y entenderán porqué lo digo!

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  10. Just discovered this part of your blog – what a fantastic idea, love it! I’ve been to Chile once while my brother was living in Santiago. It’s such a beautiful country!
    Saludos, Uta

  11. Hi Uta-Thanks, glad you like the idea. It’s a fun way to use single-shot photos and show a bit more of what this gorgeous country is like!. Did you have a chance to travel around much?

  12. thanks for sharing this collection of postcards!
    a wonderful tribute to Chile!

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