Postcards from Chile: Peanut Vendor (Manicero)

Vendedor de Mani--Peanut Vender

El "Manicero." Old-time peanut vendor.

In this month of Chilenidad (Chilean-ness), many of the old customs and traditions are reappearing from the nostalgia of times gone by. The old-time “manicero” peanut vendor, once pushed these carts that looked like little train engines through the streets selling fresh-roasted peanuts (maní).

Hot, fresh-roasted peanuts and “maní confitada” (candied peanuts) are still very common in large cities, although today the vendors use larger, more modern carts, and these little push carts have largely passed into the realm of memory and even folklore.

Find out more about another traditional Chilean figure that is still quite popular in urban areas: Chinchineros.


5 responses to “Postcards from Chile: Peanut Vendor (Manicero)

  1. As far as I remember, a manicero’s cart has the shape of a little ship…

  2. Yes Raúl- there are still plenty of the little boat carts around, although most sell a wide assortment of snacky items. The really old-time cart looks like a little steam engine train. I’m not sure if the peanuts really roast inside or if it just keeps them warm, but the vendor toots the whistle and literally “blows off steam” (or smoke) from time to time–just like the old trains! Sure don’t see many of those anymore!

  3. Peg,
    I’m not sure this is exclusively for me but I’ll take your word on that! What an adventure you live, everyday. It’s wonderful you are so happy, doing what you love – so of course you do it well. I hope you are able to make it in the coming weeks, to leave all this behind for your US family who loves and misses you.

  4. Yep Barb- I was thinking of you this time around! And I’m not sure when I’ll be back next–but would love to be there for Little Guy’s first birthday-coming up WAY too fast!
    Missing you all too!

  5. Me gustaria saber en Chile aparte de la Orquesta Huambalaly , quienes más han grabado El manicero ( son pregon) de Moises Simons?

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