Bicentennial: Chile Está de Fiesta!

M Snook for

Chile’s on holiday… celebrating it’s Bicentennial (September 18, 2010).

Four legal holidays, from Friday September 17 through Monday September 20…

Happy Birthday Chile!

Tiki Tiki Ti!!!

18 responses to “Bicentennial: Chile Está de Fiesta!

  1. Chileans around the world are celebrating too! my heart and mind are at home this weekend!! VIVA CHILE!!!

  2. Tiki tiki ti, tiki tiki ti. For all those unfamiliar with Chilean traditions, tiki tiki ti is more or leass the phonetical represention of what one hears when the ‘cueca”, Chile’s national dance is being played.
    And of course, there are no comments here because most of Chile is celebrating. Going to Fondas, having empanadas, drinking wine (Llike there is no tomorrow) and in some areas ‘chicha’, uhmmm I love chicha.

    As a Chilean expat living in Polar bear country, Salud a todos ustedes y que lo pasen el descueve!

  3. Felices vacaciones a todos en Chile. Deseo que tuvo la visión de estar en Chile para el Bi-Centenario

  4. @Jack Towl – I wished I had had the vision to be in Chile for the bicentenario also. I am sure lots of Chilenas will appreciateyour sentiments.

  5. Hi Jack & John- This is truly a wonderful moment in Chile. I had fully intended to write much more about it all, but I’ve been swept up in the festivities and will have to catch up once the fever & fervor die down a bit!

  6. Go back to partying Margaret, you that can, :0)

  7. I agree!! Enjoy it !! I didnt get to dance cueca but i had great empanadas!!! I know ally relatives had a drink for me!! I also wish i was there!!!

  8. Hi everyone- just got home from a wonderful Diecochera weekend at the coast. Pictures and stories to follow soon!
    Hope you all enjoyed whatever version of it you were able to get!
    Carolina- glad you got your empanadas at least!
    John- So??? How did the great empanada experiment turn out?
    Jack- Maybe next year you can be here to share 18 with your granddaughter!

  9. John- Just caught your comments on “tiki tiki ti”… I’ve always wondered where it came from. From the cueca you say? Hmm- maybe from the sound of the platillos? (saucers?)

  10. It comes from the sound the shoes make when they “zapatean”, in a remote similarity with tap dancing. (Remotely remote, really really remote)

  11. Margaret – Marmo seems to believe it comes from the cueca also.

  12. @Marmo & @John- hmmm I’m not disputing the cueca connection… just wondering… but marmo from stomp-stomp-stomp we get tiki tiki ti? Unless maybe from the spurs when they jangle?
    I still kind of like the platillo theory! 😉
    I’ve got some great photos from the weekend to post, BTW, but have been a bit overwhelmed with “real” work to get to it! SOON!!

  13. Ahh onomatopoeias… In Spanish, we don´t hear “stomp, stomp”, we hear something closer to a “tic tac, tic tac”, when we hear people dancing cueca, or even tap dance (another onomatopoeia based name). Use only your Chilean ears and mind, forget what you have learned in english, (this sounds like a jedi training xD hahaha) and you´ll cachar altiro what I mean 😛

  14. Margaret – The newly formed CCBRA (Cachando Chile Blog Readers Association) has detected a noticeably low level of activity on this blog recently. We hereby demand an explanation from the blog owner. LOL, LOL, LOL, 🙂
    I know you been up your neck with work and I look forward to your resuming your wonderfully stimulating posts.

  15. Hi John- I assume you are writing as the President of said association?
    I beg pardon for apparent abandonment, but you see, there’s an absolutely direct relationship between reduced blog productivity and increased work responsibility. I have these clients who seem to think I really should keep my word and meet my deadlines, soooo… when something has to give, unfortunately it is Cachando Chile!
    I am getting caught up on the other stuff first (trying to be the responsible gringa that I like to think I am) and will then hammer away at the blog… oh yeah… and my book… and my master’s thesis (yes, a 2nd MA) whose due date is approaching way too quickly!!
    BTW- I keep saying that the first presidential candidate who figures out how to get me another 6 hours in a day will automatically get my vote!

  16. Esta expresion a lo mejor no la has escuchado. Se refiere a una persona ocupadisima como tu y dice “y en el tiempro libre hago adobes”. Hacer adobes consume mucho tiempo, cachai?

  17. Buenísima! A esta altura, yo ya tengo todo el fundo de adobe listo y ya comenzando a ampliar!

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