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Christmas Card Reruns

Sloppy municipal formalities backfire; tax-payer crankiness ensues

I got a Christmas card from my local concejal (town council member) the other day—on Tuesday, January 5 to be exact. What’s with the hold up you might rightly ask? Certainly not distance traveled—I live about 5 blocks away from his office. The Christmas rush perhaps? Not that either. I checked the postmark. It was mailed Monday, January 4. Go figure.

Now, the only reason the municipality sends me cards in the first place is because I’m a squeaky hinge—and they seem to have 2-week late Christmas cards confused with WD-40. Sorry, but that “cariñoso saludo” and “wishes for the spirit of Peace and Love to remain with me always” are not going to stop me from complaining about whatever it is that’s bugging me enough to google up their contact page (you thought I was actually phoning a municipal office? How much free time do you really think I have?) to give them a coherent and exquisitely composed piece of my mind about things like people blocking our driveway by parking on top of a clearly marked no parking symbol (because the municipality has removed all the parking on my block), dogs running loose and barking under my window at 3 AM (because no one enforces leash laws), kids throwing rocks at the kiosko downstairs (rock against metal and shattering glass are not among my favorite ways to wake up), drunken teens vandalizing cars in the wee hours—normal neighborhood stuff like that.

So my concejal wants to cozy up to my good side and show me that the municipality is thinking of me. Heck, he even signed the card “Afectuosamente” (affectionately), but, ahem, they’ve just hammered home once again that I, a long-time tax-paying member of the community, am an afterthought… Did someone have a forehead-smacking brainstorm moment about getting some late-breaking eternal peace and love into me? Or maybe there were just some cards left over and they decided to send them out to the neighborhood’s second and third-tier complainers? Or maybe they got them at an after-Christmas sale and figured I’d be impressed by how much money they saved by sending the cards out after the rush? Or maybe it was simply a case of realizing post festivities that the cards had been overlooked (a bit too much Cola de Mono at the office holiday party?) and, applying some kind of better late than never logic, decided to toss them into the mail bin after—way after—the fact!

They should have saved the postage.

Hmm… Maybe I should make another complaint…