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Blogger Tag and My Seven (Just Seven?) Links

Girl running in grassy fieldRemember how much fun it was to play tag as a kid? Well, I just got in on a grown-up blogger version. Eileen at Bearshapedsphere just tagged me, so now I’m it. Thanks Eileen!

I have no idea who made this game up, but the way it works is a blogger tags you, you match your own posts in specific “Most this” and “Most that” categories, and then you tag another 5 people. I like the idea—except for the ‘just one’ part—it’s made me go back and think about everything I’ve posted here over the past 2 ½ years or so—not to mention how interesting it is to see what everyone else puts in their categories.

Here goes: Continue reading


Blogging and Personal Earthquakes

Cachando Chile readers have noticed an unusually long quiet spell of late, and some have written to ask me why. To date, my answer has been the same: cosas personales / It’s personal. For now, let’s just say that my family and I have been hit by a series of our own personal terremotos in the past month or so that I am not ready to talk about publicly.

I’ve thought about it. I confess that writing has always been very cathartic for me. As a teenager I spent hours pouring my heart out in ridiculously long letters addressed to Ann Landers. But I never sent a single one. The healing process was in the act of writing. And that has me thinking about why I blog. Continue reading