WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

Sky view from plane window over South America

From somewhere high above South America between Chile and Argentina.

I always ask for the window seat, day or night. I love the better-than-condor’s-eye view from 30,000 feet and spend hours staring out at the world above the clouds. Sometimes I take pictures. Like this time, on a flight between Chile and Argentina in February 2011.

Photo Nerd detail: Shot on Canon 7D with EF16-35mm f/2.8L lens at 18 mm,
f /10 @ 1/800, ISO 160.

This photo is submitted as part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

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21 responses to “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

  1. Alex Nitschke Aliaga

    Que hermoso pensamiento… yo me pregunto, como procesa el condor lo que ve. Y vuelo aún mas alto: que verá y que pensará Dios…

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  3. I always ask for the window seat…

  4. Me too!! I insist on a window seat. My wife thinks this is childish – I couldn’t agree more! Yes, the child in me peers out of plane, train, and bus windows and my wife (always puzzled by this behaviour) asks me “What are you looking at?” When I began paragliding years ago I was amazed at how much traffic is up there in the skies – bumblebees and butterflies at 2000 meters, dandelion seeds, and even geese that flew so close you could see their heads turn to have a look at you and you could hear their gentle “honk- honk” as they kept tabs with each other. Sometimes sparrows caught in updrafts and definitely looking like they were in the wrong neighbourhood, pigeons zooming past so fast they made me feel frozen in mid air, on very hot days ravens fly with their mouths open. Boooo, the surly bonds of gravity.

  5. The clouds look shiny! Beautiful picture.

  6. window-seaters united!
    @John-what a wonderful description of paragliding! I’ve never tried it (but would like to), and never gave thought to what’s “up there”–had always thought of it as a looking-down focused activity–now I have even more reason than ever to want to try it!

  7. I also mostly ask for the window seat… It helps with the journey – being able to actually see that one is going somewhere …

  8. Not only going somewhere–but arriving too! I love getting that first and last look at a place from the air…

  9. thumbs up. I remember clouds like this the first time I ever flew aged 4. It made a lasting impression.

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  11. I love the blue of the sky, perfect. The views flying into Chile are amazing. I always remember my Mom saying she cried the first time she flew over the Andes when she came to visit me.

    I never tire of looking out the window, but now I have to give up the window seat to my daughters!

  12. Ah! the sacrifices we make for our children! 😉

  13. I also always insist to have sit next to window. When we are in the sky my camera is so ON! :)) Lovely entry you have here! xx

  14. It’s always exhilarating to view the sky and the land/ocean below when inside the plane. For a moment, the sense of soaring in th air makes us feel that we can do anything. It makes us appreciate the beauty around us. great photo.

  15. Beautiful sky, Margaret! Once when I was returning to the US, I spotted an erupting volcano somewhere in the north. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera out and, by the time I scrambled for it, the shot was gone. Moral of this story: Always have your camera at the ready!

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  17. I remember arriving to Chile the first time and flying in over the Andes…mind blowing. Still does not cease to amaze me, Part of the excitement of traveling.

  18. I agree! That first peek at the sun coming up over the Andes as you fly down the coast of Chile is breathtaking! Especially in winter when there’s snow on the mountains… Oh how I would love to see that view from the cockpit!

  19. Muchas gracias por el artículo !!

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