WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

What photographer doesn’t love light? And while natural light is absolutely lovely, I wanted something different for this challenge:

© Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards

These images were shot during the 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards ceremony in Santiago de Chile in January 2009. The artist is Marcelo Peña-Villegas who performs as Metahue. (See more about him and his music at Etnoelectrónico). © Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards

I have to be honest and say that it was my friend, photographer Matt Wilson, who showed me how to use this rear curtain (or second curtain) flash technique while zooming in or out. Click on his name to check out his stuff. He’s definitely the guy you want when you’re looking for something cool. You won’t find any run-of-the-mill anything over at his place!

Marcelo Peña’s Mapuche-inspired show draws on indigenous musical traditions combined with one wicked light show.

© Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards

© Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards

6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards ©Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved

© Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile Awards

© Margaret Snook 2009 All Rights Reserved 6th Annual Wines of Chile AwardsPop over to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and check the comments section see what everyone else is doing with LIGHT this week!

You can play too if you like!

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40 responses to “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

  1. What a multi-talented person you are Margaret. Simply amazing! I am not an accordion lover but before I am done, I am going to master (or close to it) the guitar and or the violin. Great shots BTW.

  2. Thanks John! Guitar or violin, huh? Wonderful! I’m fortunate enough to have plenty of classical guitar in my life (my husband plays extremely well, and his son and his wife are professionals in Germany.
    You can see a photo shoot of them that I did last year on Flickr: The Duo Klingeberg-Montes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31788683@N02/sets/72157624559167206/

  3. I have look up my Flickr username so I can look at the photos. This is completely off topic but I want to ask you anyway. Have you ever thought of what your life would have been like had you not ended up married and living in Chile?

  4. I may have showed you the technique Margaret, but the shots are fully made with your eye.

    These images show three major aspects of what I like in photography.
    Light, Movement and Colour.
    I love how the lights reflects so differently off glass, metal or even flesh.
    Well done with these

    Well done with these

  5. Thanks Matt! And thanks for all the coaching… it helps to have such good inspiration just a phone call away!
    I was so pleased when you showed me this technique and have wanted to do something with them all this time… they certainly weren’t right for the Wines of Chile site (which is what I was covering that night) so I was very happy that I finally got the excuse… and getting them out–and our little chat this afternoon–inspires me to keep experimenting!
    so… thanks, gracias, grazie, merci Maestro!

  6. @John- I’m not sure that you need an ID just to look at stuff on flickr-only to post or get into protected images. These should be public.
    And yes, of course I’ve thought about “what if”! But I’m pretty happy to stick with the reality of the “glad I did”!

  7. Wow Margaret these photographs are Magic!

  8. Very interesting pictures, nice technique! you have a surprise in your bag of pictures every week!i would to meet and chat with you in person some day!

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  10. These are fantastic, Margaret – after having seen your submissions I don’t even dare to publish mine…You seem to be very professional- I also like your “shadow” foto very much. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity!
    Saludos de Alemania,

  11. @10uta02 – Margaret IS very professional, and what I personally admire most about her is her passion for EVERYTHING she does. Gary Vaynerchuck (author of “Crush it”) who coincidentally is also involved in the wine business, said “Skills are cheap, passion is priceless”. And George Patton also said, “A man is made up of two parts, brains and guts, and without guts he is only half a man”. Without passion, everything we say or do is just a bunch of meaningless nonsense! Patton didn’t say that, I did.

  12. @Kamakshi- Thanks! I try to think of a different angle for these challenges. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but the challenge is the fun part!
    @10uta02- Thanks for the compliment, but please don’t let what I or anyone else do stop you from doing what YOU want to do! I am not a professional, but do love photography and like this challenge because it forces me to think about themes and explore new ideas… I love to see what everyone else is doing because that helps me broaden my perspective… so get your photo up there!

    @John–hahaha, remind me to give you a raise! and BTW- do you have that new Press Release ready yet? hahaha–thanks for your support, as always! And BTW- have you read Crush it? Good (fast) read. Vaynerchuk’s enthusiasm is infectious (and his Wine Library TV shows are insanely wonderful!)

  13. Margaret – Of course I read Vaynerchuk’s book. Otherwise I’d be a phony talking about passion and enthusiasm. No, I “I ain’t got no press release ready”, 🙂 Yeah, when are we going to talk about my pay raise?

  14. No- wasn’t accusing you of being a phony! But there’s been so much in the press that anyone could pretty much recite the book and the Vaynerchuk philosophy without ever having seen it!
    OK, about that raise… we’ll start the evaluation process next week!

  15. Margaret- Pleeeease. I didn’t take what you said as an accusation. I know you better than that, and I agree, I could have just read comments about Gary’s book. However, anybody in possession of more than a few grams of grey matter would know how careful you are to stay within acceptable boundaries. The problem is mine, not yours. I’ve been told often to try to be a bit more subtle. I’m working on it.
    BTW, my schedule next week is pretty open, so lets negotiations begin!

  16. John! You are way too serious for a Saturday morning! I’m TEASING! (about that raise as well, hahaha!)

  17. I’ve been accused of that too!

  18. I missed your last bit. I have been paid way out of proportion in the form of enjoyment and fun, so I guess, negotiations are off, 🙂 lol, jajaja, hahaha, XD, etc. etc.

  19. @10uta02 just saw your entry for this week’s challenge-wonderful! I don’t know if was your intention to keep the photo theme in keeping with your blog theme, but it was perfect!

  20. Wow what a great job you did of these. The colours are absolutely spectacular. Congratulations on some incredible shots.

  21. Margaret, these photos are awesome; I love the reflection of light from the different surfaces! They’re magic!

  22. Margaret, thank you so much for your kind words and the encouragement – I really appreciate this! Love, Uta

  23. These are wayyyyyyy cool! Loved ’em.

  24. Thanks everyone! These were made with a fun technique called rear curtain (or second curtain) sync that combines ambient light with a late-firing flash on a slow shutter speed. In this case, because the performance included a light show with constantly changing colors, the camera picked up the moving light, and then the flash froze the action just a bit later, producing the effects of beams of lights. I particularly like the one that looks like rays of lights are shooting from the guy’s eyes (weird!) and the effects of him turning his head (the first one) and clapping his hands, which looks kind of strobe-like.

  25. Margaret – So, you are an undisputed wine expert, designations and all. Have an anthropology degree. Possess great writing skills as demonstrated on your blog and nominations from other famous blog sites. Developing a keen sense of photography and picture taking techniques. Have written a book (I think). Seriously considering taking up accordion lessons.

    Here I come again …how about making adobes (you know what I mean, the mud type) in your SPARE time? 🙂
    Who says I am too serious?

  26. John- guilty on all accounts but the accordion lessons–and the “spare time!” The mud pies will have to wait for a while longer!

  27. I recently found a site in Chile where they teach you how to build an adobe house. As soon as we go back I am going to take a look at it. For me, there is nothing as earthy and truly genuine as an adobe made house. They are as eco-friendly as you can have it, and provide such a cozy, warm feeling in winter and are also cool in the summer time. The only caveat is NOT to build one on top a fault line!

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  29. Very interesting pictures, “psychedelic Mapuche” style has born right in front of our eyes.

  30. Hey there Marmo! yes- Mapuche-inspired psychedelia! Just wish I could remember the name of the performer (I’m not sure the dancer is always part of the act or if he usually performs solo)–had all sorts of interesting instruments- clay jugs, rain sticks, bells, you name it!

  31. I think you should share your pictures with the performers; at least I´m sure that if some pictures of me looked like this, I would love to see them! This “Mapuche psychedelia” would be a great theme for some ethno tourism here!

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  33. I would be very happy to share the images with the performers (as I have with others!) Just have to get their names!

  34. Good News! I finally found the name of the performer and have added it into the post. But to keep it short & simple, the percussionist is Marcelo Peña Villegas, who performs as “Metahue.” His own website is:

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  36. ho God
    What a crucial photos , really while look deep those stills give terrific fear.
    and something is there in the stills and some info is there but could not able to find what exactly. this post have deep attractiveness in visitors eyes..

  37. What a wonderful comment @Best PMO. I think that line ” this post have deep attractiveness in visitors eyes” Is one of the loveliest critiques I have ever heard.
    I am sure Margaret will be thrilled as I am for her

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