Freshly Pressed Again: Accordions are hotter than you think!

It’s happened again… a sign from the hosting honchos at Word that someone over there has their eye on Cachando Chile. Turns out that the “Confessions of a Closet Accordion Lover” caught their eye and they “Freshly Pressed” it, which means that they plucked it from among nearly half a million posts and put it out there front and center for all the Word Press world to see.

Word Press Freshly Pressed / Cachando Chile / Accordion Lover

If you missed the post, take a look: Confessions of a Closet Accordion Lover. And even if you’ve already read it, take a look again and read through all the new comments. Lots of self-confessed accordion-lovers coming to the forefront and plenty of support for anyone who’s ready to take the big step out of that particular closet. But the best part of all is that there are lots of new suggestions of musicians to look for and video links to great accordion and bandoneón players. Take a look!

This is actually the second time Cachando Chile has been Freshly Pressed. The first was on November 18, 2010, for a playful linguistic article called “Language Play and Politics a la Chilensis” that took a mischievously humorous  look at politics through the incisively witty eyes and punny titles of The Clinic (arguably Chile’s answer to The Onion).

Cachando Chile’s in good company over there at WordPress, so pop over and see what the other 7 Freshly Pressed blogs are about today!

Tomorrow it will be someone else’s turn, but I’m enjoying the moment today and just want to say “Hey! Thanks Word Press!


24 responses to “Freshly Pressed Again: Accordions are hotter than you think!

  1. Wow Margaret – well deserved!!!!

  2. Margaret – I’m not going to say … I told you so because it’s just not polite, but I told you so, 🙂 You were jumping through hoops trying to explain your passion for accordions. As it turns out, half of the world seems to love them also. We are bored and tired of the “same-old-same- old”, and this was different. Congrats.

  3. Thanks PiP & John!
    And yes John… go ahead, you can say it!! You DID tell me so!
    I never dreamed there were so many accordion fans out there (although it seems I’m not the only one coming late to the “Confessions” party…
    So here’s a question for ya- I know your wife is Irish and a couple other people mentioned that they associate the accordion with their own Irish roots. So, does R like the Irish-style accordion?

  4. As a matter of fact she DOES not. She likes anything Chilean much better than most Irish stuff. I think it has something to do with the charm and graciousness of “some” Chilean men, Lol.

  5. Very nice, fun, and different post-I’ll definitely look at those others.

  6. Hi Laura – Go ahead and DO look at some of the other posts here. Margaret definitely has the touch. As you can see, she gets tons of comments from readers. I also have a blog for business and I get about 40 comments a day … ALL JUNK!

  7. @John- Hm, Interesting that R doesn’t like Irish stuff as much as Chilean… but we see who she married 😉
    Also- thanks for your comments to Laura–although SHE too is another regular around here!
    Thanks Laura!

  8. Yes, I meant the other”Fresh Pressed” nominees-if they are as entertaining as Margaret’s, they are surely worth reading…

    I’ve been reading this blog for quite a while but I do go back and read earlier posts from time to time. I blogged while I lived in Chile but found how truly difficult it is to keep it up. I also tend to be a bit too political and serious at times 🙂

  9. And to John and all commenters-I enjoy reading comments and opinions as well-thanks.

  10. Some ‘previous generation men’ (mostly boomers, also known as old fogies) often complain about their high cost wives. I can’t say the same about my spouse. Get her a 10 pound bag of potatoes and a good bottle of Chilean wine, and she is all set. Am I risking my life by saying this here? Not at all. She uses her PC strictly for business and therefore she’ll never read these comments, 🙂

  11. Great news! You’ve done good for all those accordian lovers. My parents had one and I tried to play it. Not for me but the fact that here in the south of the americas it can be a street instrument makes me like it like never before. Some how I now want to go to BA.

  12. I can’t say that I love the accordion but there’s a lot of “squeeze boxers” I do like…Flaco Jimenez from Mexico and his work with the Texas Tornados is one. And having lived in Louisiana for many years I got to love the cajun and zydeco music of Clifton Chenier, Queen Ida, Rocking Doopsie, Buckwheat Zydeco and Beausoliel, all heavy-duty accordion players.

  13. @Laura- always love your contributions and enjoyed your blog while you were here!
    @JOHN!! You better be careful because one of these days I expect to meet R!
    @Colin- THANKS! You can check out the bandoneón right here in Chile at one of the tango clubs, such as Aníbal Troilo, pictured in the post… a friend and i are also cooking up a special event that we think will be great fun for anyone with an interest in squeeze-boxy music!

  14. @oldsalt1942 (Love the name, by the way!). Thanks for the list of new names to explore, and yes, of course! Zydeco! How could I have left that off the list?? Thanks to you and others who have left comments, I now have plenty of great new stuff to listen to!

  15. Margaret – Not to worry. “R” is one open-minded sharp-cookie of a woman (I wouldn’t hook up with any other type) and she knows all that goes on here at CachandoChile, I hope, 🙂

  16. “Going on over here”??? That doesn’t quite sound right John… but be careful what you say about her, because you know how women stick together! 😉

  17. What I meant to say was …the things I say about “R” here. See, as much as I apply myself and try to use properly structured English, I still screw up. Cachai?

  18. jajaja, sí, ¡no te preocupí pueh!

  19. You sound so funny writing/speaking Chilean castellano, 🙂 One day soon we’ll be able to listen to each others’ accent.

  20. Who? What? ¡Chis! ¿quién tiene acento?

  21. Yay Mom!!

  22. @Paramedinurse–Thanks Kiddo!

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