Cachando Chile is Awesome (Matador Says So)

Everyone loves a bit of back-patting, and Cachando Chile has been getting its share lately. Gotta admit I love it. So please forgive a bit of shameless horn-tooting: Anne Merritt of the Matador Network (big-time travel blog for those who don’t already know) just included Cachando Chile on her list of
20 Awesome Expat Blogs.”

So… I admit I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up on blogging lately (that will change SOON, I promise!), but in the meantime, take a wander over to Matador and check out  the other 19 blogs that make such great company!

And for those of you who are new to Cachando Chile,  I’ll make it easier for you to find some of the things Anne mentioned that she liked in general.:
Language: Chile has it’s own version of Spanish, which we often call Chilensis and sayings we called chilenismos. This fascinates me and the blog is peppered with bits here and there about language use, but you can start with the Glossary… or click on the “Language * Idioma” Category to get to some fun stories.
Toys:  Check out “Trompo: Give it a whirl” for a bit about the classic top. And then on “Fiestas Patrias” for another bit about how we celebrate Independence Day complete with some pictures of passing on the art of the trompo and other typical games.
Life in Chile: The whole blog is about life in Chile, but there are a few pieces that provide good starting points for figuring it all out. One is Finding Your Way Into Chile (with advice about easing in)  and another is Ways to Alienate a Chilean (for advice on what NOT to do).

There’s plenty more, and I try to keep the categories pretty clear so readers can find things that interest them easily. I’d love to hear YOUR opinions… do you have a favorite Cachando Chile piece? Is there anything in particular that you’d like to see MORE of? I’m all ears and my writing fingers are getting itchy (as my work load is dwindling–perfect combination for more good stuff to come!)


17 responses to “Cachando Chile is Awesome (Matador Says So)

  1. Looked at Matador Network blog. It is pretty good but not more awesome that our (we readers are taking ownership of this blog, see that?) Cachando Chile, 🙂

  2. Wow John, you are FAST! Thanks!

  3. Actually I move fairly slowly. It’s my neural cells that are always in overdrive.

  4. Congratulations on the Matador affair, but I wanted to point out to something else: have you noticed how much the man playing a kind of Indian flute (¿quena?) in the upper string of photos of Cachando Chile looks like ex President Frei RT?

  5. Raúl- OMG! I will never be able to look at that picture the same way again!
    I can assure you that it is NOT the former president–I took that shot in a couple years ago at the San Pedro-San Pablo celebration in Concón.

  6. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

  7. Jaja, me vas a creer que cuando leí el título pensé que a Marcelo Salas le gustaba tu blog

  8. Jajaja- ‘sta buena– ¡ni lo pensé!

  9. wow, congratulations! what a nice write-up, too. She definitely got it right.

  10. Congrats on the recognition – and what a pleasure to find you! I love it that we’re sharing space in the Travel Ojos e-book. Hope to visit with you in person one day over a nice glass of Chilean wine. Abrazos!

  11. Hi Tracy- This is the great thing about blogging! Since it’s all about inter-connectivity, we get to discover such interesting people! What a group in Steve Roll’s book, huh?
    So next time you’re headed this way (do you ever?) be sure to let me know!

  12. There is something I would like you to speak more about: Valparaíso. I have always heard comments (by Chileans, mind you!) about what a “magic” place it is, etc. But, you see, I never got the point. To me the place was a set of rundown old houses—just like Venice, by the way—, stray dogs, thieves and (yes) rotos.
    (That was decades ago, when I was a pije. But I still do not think Valparaíso is particularly glamorous—except for its views on the Pacific–, and I still prefer Viña. )
    Maybe the subject deserves some discussion.

  13. Hm, interesting. I too have mixed feelings about Valpo. It used to depress me to see how it had very clearly once been a very beautiful and progressive city that had been let go so badly downhill (hm, perhaps a very appropriate expression in this case!). But since it earned World Heritage status and has received funding to spruce itself up and I’ve been able to see it in a new light… and it’s magic (maybe part of that magic is that it only appears when the conditions are just right!)
    OK , you’ve convinced me… Valpo post(s) are in the works!

  14. Raúl- forgot to mention– thanks for the new word: “pije” !!

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