Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level: Travel e-book

Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level e-book

Click on the image to download a free copy of Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level (Nov 2010)

Steven Roll, of Travel Ojos, just released his first e-book: Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level, a collection of tales from 29 expats and travel writers on just about every imaginable aspect of life in Latin America, from food and drink, to life and love, to family and work and leisure, to getting things done and just hanging around, to  speaking (or trying to) to playing and dancing, and most of all, just enjoying this wonderful region, from Mexico to Patagonia.

The e-book is free–just click: Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level to download a copy of your own–absolutely no strings attached!

I was pleased that Steve asked me to participate (my friend and fellow Chile-blogger Eileen from Bearshapedsphere’s there too), and we’re in good company. Here’s the list of participating authors, their blogs, and their blog topics… and what the heck, why not share a little link love while we’re at it! (you’ll find their links in the book too).
In the order they appear in the book:

Laura Quinn (Lonely Girl Travels ) Travel
Ernest White (Fly Brother) Travel
Kelly McLaughlin (Cancún Canuck) Mexico
David Miller (Matador, Operating on Stoke) Patagonia
Conner Gorry (Here is Havana) Cuba
Eileen Smith (Bearshapedsphere), Chile & Travel in general
Ayngelina Brogan (Bacon is Magic) Latin America
Nicholas Gill (New World Review) Travel
Carlo Alcos (Matador, Vagabonderz) Travel
Steven Roll (Travel Ojos ) Mexico
Jim Johnston (Mexico City DF and Live on Arrival) Mexico
Rebecca Smith Hurd (All About Puebla) Mexico
Mark Francis (Guate Living) Guatemala
Katie Alley (Seashells & Sunflowers) Argentina
Ben Box (South American Handbook)
Abby Tegnelia (The Jungle Princess) Costa Rica
Vicky Baker (Going Local Travel) Argentina
David Lee (Medellin Living) Colombia
Holly Elizabeth Worton (Ecohotelology) Sustainability, Travel, Latin America
Nora Walsh (Travel Ojos contributor) Latin America
Genny Ross-Barons (Roatan Vortex) Honduras
Leigh Shulman (The Future is Red) Travel
Margaret Snook (Cachando Chile) Chile
Cathy Brown (Expat Daily News in Central and South America)
Tracy L. Barnett (The Road Less Traveled) Travel
Jessie Kwak (Unpaved South America) South America
Mark Chesnut (Latin Flyer), Travel
Julie Schwietert Collazo (Matador, Collazo Projects) Americas
Jill Greenberg (First World White Girl )


14 responses to “Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level: Travel e-book

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  2. Another accolade? You’re becoming a household name! Of course, you’ve been one of mine for a long, long time. Congratulations Peg.
    We’ll miss you next week. Barb

  3. Thanks Barb!
    Uggh- Thanksgiving… sniff…
    Was always my favorite holiday!

  4. I assume you’re referring to “Piñeracosas” ???

    Perfect way to start my day!!

  5. Thanks Kyle- but all I did was submit a piece- Steve Roll is the one who did all the work!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Thanks Marmo–got another nice surprise last night– Cachando Chile was picked up as one of “20 Awesome Expat Blogs” !
    Check out http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/20-awesome-expat-blogs/

  8. Wow! Will you still respond our comments, after gaining this new ciber-celebrity status? xD

  9. …And off course, ¡felicitaciones de nuevo por este nuevo reconocimiento! Y qué agradable que hayan llegado todos en un periodo tan concentrado de tiempo, eso lo hace aún mejor.

  10. hahaha- But Marmo! I LOVE reading your comments! I figure what I’m doing is just getting the ball rolling, and then YOU GUYS do the rest!
    Thanks for all your contributions!!

  11. Go Peg, this means you can now claim money for published work getting fleeced! GET AN AGENT it gets you so much more cash

  12. Hey Matt-
    This was all on the up and up, permission granted and piece adapted and submitted. For now I’m just happy to participate at this point!
    We’ll see what happens once I get the new blog up and running (when, oh when!)… soon I hope!

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