Language Play & Politics a la Chilensis: The Answers

Yesterday’s post featured the October 14, 2010 cover of Chile irreverent weekly news The Clinic,  which appeared shortly after the successful rescue of “Los 33,” the miners trapped in the San José Mine. There were 10 faces on that cover, and I left you with a challenge–a test of your knowledge of Chile’s current events. How many of those people could you identify?
If you haven’t read the original piece yet, go take a look now: Language Play & Politics a la Chilensis.

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And now, as promised, here are the answers:

1- An as-yet unidentified model… Anyone know?

2- Leonardo Farkas, golden-locked, flashy-dressing Chilean businessman with a fortune in mines, former US night-club circuit entertainer, extravagantly over-the-top philanthropist. The day after they were discovered alive, he gave $5 million Chilean pesos (roughly $10,000 USD) to each of the miners’ families and then threw them a huge party shortly after they were rescued during which he gave away more money, a house, and accepted to become the godfather of one of the miners’ babies. See also “Farkas Mania.”

3- Miguel “Negro” Piñera, black-capped night club owner, quasi-musician, and member of the darker side of Chile’s jet set–oh yeah, and brother of the president to boot. (FYI, in case you were wondering, “Negro,” which means black in Spanish, is a common nickname and even term of endearment here in Chile.)

4. Senator Baldo Prokurica, Represents the Renovación Nacional (right-wing) party in Atacama region, where the mine is located.

5. Jaime Mañalich, Chilean Health Minister.

6. Mario Kreutzberger, better known as “Don Francisco,” a popular Chilean TV personality who created and has  hosted the famous variety show Sábado Gigante (now based in Miami) since 1962. He also hosts the Teletón (yes, that’s Telethon, just like the old Jerry Lewis version) to benefit children.

7. Senator Isabel Allende, no, not the author. This one is the daughter of former President Salvador Allende and represents the Socialist party in the Atacama Region (note she is positioned next to her right-wing counterpart in the photo).

8. Laurence Golborne, Minister of Mining. He was both highly praised and harshly criticized for his actions during the entire efforts to save the 33 trapped miners.

9. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, he too took a lot of flack (and earned a lot of praise) for his participation in the rescue effort. He was standing by to personally greet and hug each miner as they rose, one by one, to the top. Some criticized him for having too much presence, others congratulated him for being so involved. Compare this to Bush’s involvement in the Katrina disaster people… ’nuff said!

10. Amaro Gómez-Pablos, Spanish-Chilean newscaster for TVN’s “24 Horas” program, criticized for talking too much during the broadcast.

16 responses to “Language Play & Politics a la Chilensis: The Answers

  1. My 2 cents:
    3.- Negro Piñera could be labeled as the Chilean version of Billy Carter, that would make things crystal clear to anyone who wants to cachar la onda about him.
    9.- President Piñera has a unique trait (or talent… or WTF skill): he can make a blooper out of anything. A speech, like the “marepoto” and “tusunami” incident, when he said he was happy to walk the same beaches where Robinson Crusoe walked, when he said a poet was dead, and the poet was among de crowd, or the alleged nazi message in Germany´s guestbook, and many others, being the last known saying in China “Like Albert Einstein once said ” If I have seen further than other men it’s because I have stood on the shoulders of giants””, phrase that Einstein was never known to use, actually quoted from Bernard of Chartres, and after that used by Isaac Newton.
    10.- Mr Gómez has an intense Spanish accent, but he´s been in Chile like 15 years, and also he says he´s Chilean. We don´t have anything against Spanish or their accent (except for Mr. Segovia, but that´s another story) but Amaro´s ever present Z is a little annoying, and if you add some corny phrases like “la tierra está pariendo a un hombre” (the earth is giving birth to a man, in Spanish sounds weirder) during the miners rescue, you get the picture.
    Crazy stuff in The Clinic xD

  2. Very well put on every account! I knew I could count on you!!
    I have always been truly amazed at how Piñera–who is clearly an intelligent man, even if one is opposed to his positions, is prone to what were formerly known as “Bushisms” and which I now called Piñeraisms (see the post on the Marepoto and Tusunami blooper:
    And Amaro, well… me cae bien in general… and I’ve been here for more than 19 years and will always have an accent too!

  3. Thanks Margaret!
    Amaro Gómez-Pablos is a especial case; he´s Chilean! You on the other hand, come from the English speaking world, where vowels have like, 10 different sounds depending on who knows what xD, so speaking spanish with an accent is normal and expected.
    Let´s just say that Eva Gómez (Other Gómez, non related to Amaro) is a 100% Spanish woman, that has like, dunno, 5 or 7 years in Chile and has next to no accent whatsoever.

  4. Well thanks for providing me with a good excuse for my accent the next time I get called on it! And yes, I’ve known people from Spain who have dropped the “theta” (the z sound Spanish-Spanish) very quickly to fit in and others who keep it to retain their national identity… but as you point out, although he lived in Spain during his formative years, he considers himself Chilean, so maybe he should try and stop with the theta already! (although it is kind of cute…)

  5. Sometimes when I read comments by people like Marmo, I feel some of my deep-seated insecurities coming alive. Aside from his keen sense of observation he can clearly express his thoughts both in English and Castellano.
    I may be better off by just if I just limit my enjoyment to reading these posts and keeping my opinions to myself, 😦

  6. John- you amaze me… you always have an opinion!! Share ’em

  7. Today I am feeling a bit gun shy. Maybe this is a good thing and I should just lay low for a while and give my big mouth a break.

  8. Don’t believe ya! 😉

  9. You crack me up, 🙂

  10. See? I knew it!! hahaha…

  11. Guys (read men) beware! Don’t try pulling a fast one on a female gringa with a degree in Anthropology, lol.

  12. Few things better (in the blog universe) than a comment full post. (Thanks for your compliments John) These subjects get a lot better with other opinions, such as yours. Have you ever read The Clinic?

  13. No I haven’t Marmo. Do you know if they have an online version?

  14. AAH, I got #4 wrong. And I didn’t know who the girl was either.

  15. Number one is clearly a Mina, chilean word for hottie!

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