Cachando Chile just got “Pressed”

Cool News! Cachando Chile just made the “Freshly Pressed” list, which they call: “The best of 365,245 bloggers, 539,495 new posts, 399,976 comments, & 105,828,107 words today on”

Cachando Chile "Freshly Pressed" on

Each day the folks at pore over tons of blogs and pick a handful to single out. Today they set their sites on Cachando Chile!

I’ve got to admit that I’m tickled maroon (don’t care much for pink). Thanks to WordPress and all the Cachando Chile faithfuls!

Some days are like that–you just never know what‘s going to happen!

Here’s the post they liked: Language Play & Politics a la Chilensis

Take a wander over there and check out some of the other hot blogs of the day! Freshly Pressed at


14 responses to “Cachando Chile just got “Pressed”

  1. Congratulations Margaret! You have done a phenomenal job. I have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent on your blog. No need to say …keep up the great work because I know you will.

  2. Good stuff Margaret.

    How was the party?

  3. I had never heard about this “Freshly Pressed” thing, but I think Cachando Chile deserves it. Great!

  4. Thanks guys!
    @Jack-are you referring to a certain 1-year-old’s birthday party? Wonderful!!
    @Raúl-I’m not sure how WordPress chooses who turns up “Freshly Pressed,” but it sure feels good to get a little extra attention!

  5. Well deserved!

  6. Do we blog readers/commenters get to share a small part of the royalties? I’ll be glad to forward my bank particulars so you can arrange direct deposits to my account, lol, 🙂

  7. Royalties? WAH-HAHAHA!!! What percent of zero would you like?

  8. How about 100%? Putting all silliness aside for a minute, let me say this …I am sure I speak for many other Chilean subjects who appreciate your immense contribution to making that very long strip of land a better known place in the world. And of course your contribution goes way beyond that.
    Through your blog you have become an unpaid ambassador of all things Chilean.
    At a time when we all have had enough of phony campaigns, institutions, and individuals, your blog brings the proverbial “breath of fresh air” about Chile’s reality. Through your writing you manage to touch on so many aspects of the great things about life in Chile without sugar-coating the less palatable nuisances of everyday life.

    No Chilean government could accomplish a tiny fraction of what you have though your blog.

    I am seriously involved in marketing my services and I can unequivocally say that what the public wants more than anything else today is genuineness and transparency, and you provide ample reserves of both.

    I hope you do not label my comments as flattery. I happen to be one of those people who have no trouble both giving and receiving praise, provided they are genuine. I hope my praise of your work comes across as honest and genuine.

  9. Wow John, thanks! You get that 100% of zero you asked for… and tell me again how much I owe you for the PR work?
    Seriously- thanks!

  10. You owe me nothing! I get infinitely more out of your blog than I put into it through my “Nerudian-Shakespearian” contributions.

  11. OK folks- see it for yourself! John’s comments were unsolicited, voluntary, and unpaid… not to mention very kind! Thanks John!

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