WordPress Gets Customer Service Points

WordPress Coraline theme

This is the basic structure of the new WordPress Coraline theme, one of about a zillion WP theme options.

While this is not really a Chile-related post, it still deserves a bit of space because, well, good deeds deserve to be noticed. That and the fact I’ve been sympathizing with Abby who has had some service issues lately, and I’ve written about this before (See Good Customer Service: What a Novel Idea), as, in fact, have most of the Chile bloggers I follow, it seems.

So here’s the thing. ..A couple of days ago I noticed that Cachando Chile had a new look–nothing drastic–but different (did you notice?) And my widgets were all screwed up (widgets, for non-blogger types, refer to all those things you see in the right-hand column). Then I noticed that my “theme” had changed (in WordPress land–which is one of the two main blogging kingdoms–you choose a theme/design that defines your look and then you customize it).  And then one day PUF! my old favorite “Cutline” theme had mysteriously morphed into the new “Coraline” theme.

So I did what blogger-geek types do… I went to the WP forum and discovered that it wasn’t just Cachando Chile, ALL the Cutline theme users were scratching our heads. The global cambalache was one of those across the board upgrades that companies sometimes do to “help” their users.

I wasn’t happy, and it was clear that I wasn’t alone. They could have notified us beforehand, but no real harm was done and I set about fixing and restoring my widgets and thought that was that.

But it wasn’t. Today I DID receive a message from WP notifying all affected former Cutline, current Coraline users that they had fixed and restored the widgets. Yep–my widgets were screwed up again because they reinstalled the old ones without uninstalling the new ones, and I was seeing double widgets… Grrr…

So this time I shot them a response, expressed my frustration, pushed the send button, felt a bit better, and was surprised not to get one of those instant message telling me that I could not respond to an automatic message. I fixed my widgets again… and then

Surprise! I got a message from WP! A real one! From a “Theme Wrangler” named Lance who just simply said he was sorry for the trouble and added that he liked the look of my blog (nice touch)… I was dumbfounded. A REAL person responded! Cool!

Bottom line: all it takes to keep people happy is a simple word or two–a bit of communication goes a long way when it comes to customer service! (And come to think of it, I’m not even really a customer, because WP is free!)…

So anyway- Thanks Lance- ya done good!

22 responses to “WordPress Gets Customer Service Points

  1. Speaking of customer service, I fully understand your initial frustration. I believe that whatever company first decides to REALLY embrace great customer service, will conquer the entire universe and beyond (what’s beyond the universe?)
    Here is a link to one of the funniest things I have seen regarding horrible customer service. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/customer_service

  2. What’s so very amazing about good customer service is it really doesn’t require a whole lot more than just being considerate of the other guy! and COMMUNICATION is the key! Simple as that… so do I get to rule the world now?
    Loved the oatmeal piece… touched so close to home it made my stomach churn !!

  3. Yes, you get to rule the world now! But that should come at no surprise to you because women do rule the world, and that’s fine by me.

  4. Hahaha- if only it were true!

  5. It is! In North America women control 80% of the wealth. The most important fact though is that they have easy access to the other 20%. Ok, ok, that’s just a joke I heard. :0)

  6. I’ll let that slide! … but 80% of the wealth? Something tells me there’s more to those numbers than meets the eye at first glance…

  7. On a more serious note, I strongly believe that one of the major reasons we experience such rotten customer service is because most companies are still run by men. Men – generally speaking – do not care much about relationships. They are simply not that important to them. I am not trying to get brownie points from the female camp here. Those who specialize in human behavior tell us a simple and fascinating fact about the major differences between the sexes. Women’s world is about people and relationships. Men’s world is about things and action.
    Once again, I am a firm believer that once we get rid of the majority of those “old men” who rule countries and corporations and we replace with women, we will begin to live in a more civilized, kinder and more humane world.
    OK, that’s enough.

  8. Here Here!
    I don’t like to make sweeping generalizations, but it’s true that women are usually brought up to be caretakers, and that carries over into all our other roles… fortunately, those strong gender role dividing lines and all the gunk that goes along with it are breaking down… and, as is clear to see, the person who prompted this post does indeed appear to be a guy…!

  9. Thanks for the link! I’m not sure if I agree with the whole men vs. women thing. The vast majority of my bad customer service experiences have been with women, including the worst by far, which is linked in the post. Although yes, women care about relationships, are more nurturing, etc, etc, in Chile I ALWAYS hope I get a guy when I’m waiting in line someplace, such as the bank or pharmacy.

    That being said, the two positive experiences I mention in the follow up post were women too, but US women…

    Anyway, Margaret, I’m glad your experience turned into a positive one!

  10. Hi Abby- Yes, I get squeamish about trying to over-generalize these things too, and, as your case illustrates, you had 2 completely opposite experiences, both with women.
    Basically, it boils down to some people are good at service, others are not. People in the latter group–please to the rest of us a favor and find another line of work!

  11. Many years ago a group of anthropologists traveling through Asia made a fascinating finding dealing with the innate differences of the sexes. While travelling through some deep unexplored jungles they discovered a small tribe that had not ever had any contact with outsiders. In other words this group was as “pure” as they could find since they had not been influenced by any foreign culture.

    The scientists decided then this would be a great opportunity to find out if male and female differences were learned behavior or “came with the package”.
    They gathered a group of babies and toddlers of both sexes in a room and placed a bunch of “boy” and “girl” toys in the centre of the room. There was the usual mix of Tonka trucks and building sets as well dolls, teddy bears, etc.
    It did not take long and to the amazement of this group of anthropologists, the boys started playing with the “boy” toys and the girls chose the dolls and teddy bears.
    Unfortunately I do not have link or reference for this study. However I found a lot of this material in a book called “Brain Sex”.

  12. Yeah… I’m an anthropologist… you’ve gotta be careful with this biological stuff, especially when it comes to gender issues… pretty controversial in the profession…

  13. Yay for customer service… but my real comment is that I recieved your comments on my post at the same time I was reading yours. Looks like we are catching up on blog-reading at the same time. Happy Saturday!

  14. Hi! Funny how that worked! Hope things work out on your end!!

  15. Ooops! I did not have my thinking cup on screwed on tightly enough, and I forgot all about your background. Having said that and having dealt with people’s emotions and lives through the purchase of a high ticket item ( A house) for more than 30 yearas, I am pretty much of the same opinion still. We boys and girls are very, very different and I curse (at times) and appreciate those differences.
    What I have personally been forced to do, has been to learn and apply much of that knowledge in order to provide my clients a better lever of service.

  16. wordpress customer service rocks… i had used them before.
    for me unbelievable if you consider that we don’t pay wordpress.com a cent (!)

  17. Hi Andre- Yes, I agree. WordPress is great–and you certainly can’t beat the price! 🙂

  18. Hi,
    I am totally confused by WordPress. I am new to blogging and so their whole search option re finding expat blogs in other countries is beyond me.
    Reading your post has certainly given me hope and I will contact them for advice. Thanks
    I will now enjoy the rest of your blog about life in Chile!

  19. Hi there “Piglet”!
    I just looked at your blog and you seem to be handling WordPress just fine–although I did see that you too are using Coraline–does that mean you were on the Cutline theme before and got caught up in the same unannounced switcheroo snafu?
    The whole system, while big enough to be kind of overwhelming, has all kinds of help systems built in and the forums are really quite good… I’ve always been able to find answers to my questions there with a bit of patience and creative searching… and, as we all now know… there really are real people behind it all! (well, one at least!)
    Good luck with the blog and with getting adjusted to Portugal!

  20. Hi Margaret,
    No, I was not orginally on Coraline. I’m still experimenting re colours and several themes etc I just liked the fact you could change the background colours and it had quite a few features.
    I love reading peoples blogs, it’s like virtual travel! You really get a great insight into everyday life and experiences. I have just added you to my blogroll so look forward to understanding more about life in Chile 🙂

  21. Hi- I agree about reading blogs–it’s such a great way to get insight into everyday life in another part of the world! For expats it can help ease the transition, for travelers, it can provide inside tips into what to look for–or look out for–in a given country. In general, they bring the global community just a bit closer!
    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll! I’ll do the same! Love learning about life “elsewhere”!

  22. Bien interesante su articulo.

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