Your Tax Pesos at Work: Park Your Motorcycle Here

Chile’s Internal Revenue Service (Servicio de Impuestos Internos / SII) proves it knows how to save a buck luca… no need to waste money on fancy signage for motorcycle parking! Just clear away old vines and paint on the neighbor’s wall.

Sign spotted behind the SII office in Providencia, Santiago de Chile, August 2010.

Chile's Internal Revenue Service (SII) saving taxpayer's money


5 responses to “Your Tax Pesos at Work: Park Your Motorcycle Here

  1. Ha! Maybe the motorcycle driver cleared a space and spray-painted it on so he could park there…

  2. ‘Motos’ is not even in BIG WRITING. Economy gone mad!

  3. Maybe we should we celebrate the creativity?

  4. Maybe the sign was there all along and a Chileno came along and took home some of the ivy to patch up his rramada? ; )

  5. Stranger things have happened!

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