Postcard from Chile: Valparaíso & Andes

Chile: land of mountains and sea… but there are few places where you can see both at the same time!

View from Cerro Alegre overlooking the Valparaíso Bay to Viña del Mar and beyond to the Andes Mountains.

We got lucky last weekend and arrived in Valparaíso just as the sun came out after several days of hard rain, and providing us with this stunning view overlooking the Valparaíso Bay from Cerro Alegre. The unusual tower on the lower left belongs to the Palacio Pascual Barburiza, the city’s Belle Arts Museum that has so unfortunately been closed for many years, and that’s the resort city Viña del Mar on the other side of the bay.

See the full postcard (and more) here: “Postcards from Chile

4 responses to “Postcard from Chile: Valparaíso & Andes

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  2. Nice maps you’ve got there!

  3. Thanks. Hard to find maps of this region.

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