Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Guatero Incident

Best friend on a cold night...

I got up a bit earlier than planned this morning. Had to… my guatero was dribbling!

If you’ve been following other Chile blogs, you already know that we’re all about trying to stay warm these days…

Abby @ Abby’s Line:How to Survive a Chilean Winter

Liz @ Eat Wine: Chilly Chile

While folks up north are wilting in the heat, we are popsicling away down here in the middle of winter. (Of course you already knew that Chile was in the southern hemisphere and that our seasons are opposite… you really did… right?) Continue reading

Getting back in the Groove

Robert Patrick Moore & green, green upstate New York in July

Robertito Moore at 8 months, the best excuse to hop a plane!

Greetings, Saludos, and plain old “Hi” to friends and readers of Cachando Chile… I owe you all a bit of an explanation… This is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting since Cachando Chile began a year and a half ago–and hopefully it will be the last time too! In these past few weeks, when Chileans bundle up against the cold and gringos, like birds,  make our annual migration north, I’ve been (delightfully) overwhelmed  by family, (not so delightfully) overloaded by work, and generally gearing up for some big changes… Patience… Patience… You’ll see soon enough! Continue reading