Chile does it again! Chile 1-Switzerland 0

Grande Chile! Chile is now 2 for 2 in the first round of the World Cup!

Chile 1, Suiza 9, Copa Mundial 2010 (Photo La Tercera, 21 de junio de 2010)

Diario La Tercera on-line: "Chile beats Switzerland and now one of the World Cup Top 4"

Who knew I liked fútbol? Certainly not me–I had no idea! But there I was this morning on my feet, cheering for Chile, yelling at the referee, complaining about all the theatrics the Swiss were pulling, and jumping for joy when Chile scored the goal that won them their second game in this, the first round of the 2010 World Cup.

Sure, I admit to being thoroughly indignant (yes, and ignorant) about that first canceled goal (damn off-sides rule!)… and now, trying to figure out the math about how there could be any possibility that Chile NOT go on to the next round (none of the other teams in its group have won 2 out of 2)…but I’ll leave that for those who really do know what they’re talking about…

So now comes the celebrating–Plaza Italia is already full, the cars and buses whizzing past my house are waving flags and blowing their horns, and everyone–everyone–is smiling! Makes me happy to see Chile so happy! I wish you all could HEAR the sound of all of Santiago celebrating right now!

So C’mon Chile–1 more to go! Friday. 2:30 PM Chile vs Spain (Switzerland and Honduras at the same time)… ¡¡Vamos que se puede!!

For up to date coverage see: CBC World Cup Chile (in English) and

La Tercera Copa 2010 (en español)–includes live streaming from Plaza Italia in Santiago.

For background on the lead up to the cup, see:

Goooool Chile: 1st World Cup Win

Chile + Fútbol = South Africa World Cup 2010!

12 responses to “Chile does it again! Chile 1-Switzerland 0

  1. Casi lloré al ver el gol, ya estaba desesperada al ver que los Suizos no nos querían dejar pasar la pelota.

  2. Lo que más me llama la atención es mi propia reacción–es decir, hasta ahora siempre he estado más o menos indiferente a los deportes, pero ya agarré la fiebre futbolera y lo encontré ¡Lo Máximo!
    Fuertes y sólidos los chilenos y los suizos muy teatrales (malos actores, ¿eh?)
    ¡¡Grande Chile!!

  3. Delighted with the result. Very tense after the goal because I knew that the Swiss would attack and that Chile only know how to attack!. Closing the game down is not their style, thank heavens.
    Watched the match on TV in England. (I am English but have a Chilena daughter in law and a half Chilena grand daughter) The commentators were sooooo patronising about Chile ( brave little South American country) and definitely favoured the Swiss (i.e. another European country Did you know that the Swiss hold the record for going the longest without conceding a goal in the Worls Cup matches. Adventurous? I don’t think so.). Distasteful, they had no concept of what this win would mean to Chilenos.
    Worthy win, good chance of going through to the knock out stages. What fun!

  4. Fue un partido para quebrarle los nervios a cualquiera, el próximo será aún más emocionante!
    Miren lo que encontré el otro día, vale la pena echarle un vistazo, es toda una curiosidad, una banda de Chicago tocando una canción sobre la selección de fútbol chilena…

  5. @marmo- I love it! buenísimo el video! y me encantó la canción también! ¿quienes son?

  6. @Jack- the excitement really is infectious isn’t it!! Take a look at the link to see what’s going on live here in Chile…
    As I said, I really don’t know much at all about football, but could see that the Swiss were playing defense and figured they could pull a 0-0 tie over Chile–Surprise!!
    I also couldn’t believe all the theatrical stunts and the psychological games the Swiss team played to get Chilean players riled up and fouled… I finally lost count of how many red and yellow tarjetas were tossed out!
    Friday’s game will definitely be interesting!

  7. Goooooool de Chiiiii leeeee!
    So glad Chile won.
    Friday, 2.30pm – Chile is going to shut down. It will be like the 17th of Septembre… a half day of work.
    Chile has 6 points though still needs to win or at least draw against Spain to go through to the second round (unless Honduras wins or draws against Switzerland).
    Why is it that we always have to get a calculator out?

  8. For someone who has never been a sports fan, I can’t believe how excited I am about this… and you’re right- All of Chile will be glued to their sets on Friday afternoon! Let’s hope there’s cause for one whopping big party Friday night!

  9. My wife can’t stand football but she, like you, was absolutely beaming yesterday! With a grin on her face that just wouldn’t go away, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to rub it in since I’m Swiss and she’s Chilean. She was over the moon.

    Even my stepmother called me to gloat! And she hates football! Truth be told, I’m glad Chile won. I really am. But don’t let my Chilean family know that.

  10. Hi Tomas- that’s funny… and don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me (and all the other Cachando Chile readers!)
    It’s amazing how something like this can provoke that kind of bonding effect, even among people who would normally be indifferent to such things!

  11. I usually hate football but yesterday I just arrived from China and my family took me to see the match, and all my chilean side just explode and I coulnd’t believe that me…Brian…was enjoying so much a football match, it was just awesome.

  12. Here we go–yet another case of just how infectious this “Fiebre por la Roja” is!! Glad you enjoyed it–and let’s hope we have as much reason to celebrate on Friday!

    Welcome back from China by the way!

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