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Chile does it again! Chile 1-Switzerland 0

Grande Chile! Chile is now 2 for 2 in the first round of the World Cup!

Chile 1, Suiza 9, Copa Mundial 2010 (Photo La Tercera, 21 de junio de 2010)

Diario La Tercera on-line: "Chile beats Switzerland and now one of the World Cup Top 4"

Who knew I liked fútbol? Certainly not me–I had no idea! But there I was this morning on my feet, cheering for Chile, yelling at the referee, complaining about all the theatrics the Swiss were pulling, and jumping for joy when Chile scored the goal that won them their second game in this, the first round of the 2010 World Cup. Continue reading

Goooool Chile! First World Cup Win

Winning a World Cup match has a way of putting smiles on peoples faces, and all of Chile is happy this morning!

Chile beats Honduras in first World Cup match

La Tercera splashes the news: Historic Win: that's what we want to see!

Doesn’t matter that it’s a cold, gray, drizzly, dreary day in Santiago. The streets are filling with happy people in silly red, white and blue hats (Chile’s national colors), blowing their red cornetas (Chile’s own form of vuvuzela), draped in flags, and deciding whether to really go to work or school or just keep reveling in the streets. Continue reading

Chile: the Sense and Senses of Travel

Ever thought about the senses you use when you travel? No matter what kind of traveler you are—intellectual, cultural, adrenaline seeker, low-budget backpacker, VIP all the way—it’s your senses that make that experience possible.

5 Senses ©M Snook

Continue reading

Chile’s Colo Colo Makes History (Blast from the Past)

Chilean footbal club Colo ColoToday, June 5, is an important day in Chilean history. What’s that? Not on the official list you say? No pu (as we say in buen chileno), it’s not. There are “official” important days—holidays and such—and then there are days that live long in the hearts of the people. Sure, not everyone can recite the exact date, but there are few who claim no memory of the event.

Let’s be more specific. June 5, 1991. Got it now? Still got nuthin? If you’re in Chile, ask a taxi driver, the person in the kiosko (newsstand), the guy on the street, heck, the guy sitting next to you wherever you are right now… watch them get almost teary-eyed with emotion and pride. Continue reading

Lemme Rant! Student Protests in Chile

Tuesday, June 1, 2010: 4,000 high school and university students march on Santiago. Similar protests in Valparaíso….

AGAIN? Are you serious? Didn’t we just finish up a round of protests? Can anyone remember the last time we got through an entire semester without schools shutting down and students taking to the streets?

Rant topic: Student Protests

Please excuse me while I blow off a bit of steam… Please feel free to rant  back, add fuel to the fire, or try to explain this whole thing. I think a serious conversation is long overdue.

I’ve given a lot of thought to these issues over the years. Read on some reflections on the subject, my proposal for a BILL OF RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STUDENT PROTESTS, and a final conclusion for each of three groups: students, university administrations, and governmental authorities… read on… Continue reading