Megavisión & Extranjeros—Foreigners in Chile

Some 3,000,000 foreigners traveled to the ends of the earth to visit Chile in 2008. Mega Noticias (the Megavisión TV news program) journalists Carolina Rivera & Frederic Reyes were curious to know who they were and why they came. Their special report on “Extranjeros en Chile (Foreigners in Chile) aired on November 12.

Megavision Extranjeros-intro

The topics covered are varied and ranged from experiences of tourists to those of us who decide to stay for a while—or a lifetime.

Dan “the Gringo” Brewington and his all-English Santiago Radio are featured, as are 20-somethings on a quest for extreme sports (bungee jumping, zip-line “canopy”), love-it-all exchange students, hostel-dwelling backpackers, and taxi saints & sinners. There’s a bit of everything here—and you can see it all by clicking the links below.

Do you know the difference between a gringo rum-cola and a Chilean ron-cola? Find out at the California Sports Cantina & Restaurant (Las Urbinas 56, Providencia)… it’s the size of the pour. A 3-second pour plus a splash for the gringo version and a whopping 6-second pour a la chilena. No wonder the gringos start dancing on tables so quickly! Not used to the Cuba Libre (which, of course, they can’t get in the States!). This bar owned and operated by a couple of gringos play up the intercultural mix—for example, their pizzas with Chilenisimos names such as “la wena,”  the “huemul mágico,” the “no te creo,” and the “cacháipuweon.”

Gringos aren’t the only ones in the kitchen however. Anyone who’s been to Salaam Bombay (Av. Rancagua 0390) are familiar with the ever-present Ram, the manager, waiter, and jack of all trades who runs the place who will return to India to meet and marry his bride in December. He confesses he likes Chilean cazuela, so Carolina and Frederic invite him to the Casa Vieja at Av. Chile España 249, Ñuñoa, to teach him how it’s made—and where he takes the chef by surprise with his very Chilean sense of humor.

The Brazilian immigrants certainly cannot be left out. They meet in their favorite meeting place Guris Brasiliero restaurant in Ñuñoa (Los Leones 3093) to relax, eat, speak Portuguese, dance, and complain about the cold.

There are all kinds of us here, some are tourists, some are students or adventurers here for a short time—and there are plenty of us (ahem, see my hand raised?)—who just fall in love with the place and have made lives for ourselves here.

Part I (14:24)

Megavision Extranjeros-Part1

Click the image to see Extranjeros en Chile- Part 1

Part II (14:17)

Megavision Extranjeros-Part 2

Click the image for Extranjeros in Chile Part 2



3 responses to “Megavisión & Extranjeros—Foreigners in Chile

  1. Entretenido el reportaje, y buen dato el de Lonely Planet “BEWARE OF TAXI DRIVERS!!”

  2. Sí, lo encontré entrete. Lo loco de los taxistas es que hay mesones autorizadas ahí en el aeropuerto, justo antes de salir a la parte pública del terminal, donde ofrecen todo tipo de transporte a precios establecidos!

    There are plenty of warnings about airport taxis–the best thing you can do is stop at one of the desks that are located just after you make your final clearance and before you enter the public part of the terminal… These are authorized companies that offer all sorts of transportation and fixed and reasonable rates!
    Don’t take your chances with airport hawkers!

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