Baby Brain

Ok, so I’ve been slacking off on my posts this past week, but for very good reason…It has absolutely nothing to do with Chile, but everything to do with my life. I’ve been afflicted with a bad case of Baby Brain!

I’ve just come back from a whirlwind trip to the States to join my daughter and her husband for the birth of their first son, who decided to show up more than 3 weeks early.

Please welcome to the world Robert Patrick Moore, son of Amber & Michael Moore of Upstate New York… (and then I promise to get back on board with regular postings!)

Robert Patrick Moore

Robert Patrick Moore

ABuela & Robert Patrick Moore

Robert in Maleta

I tried to bring him home with me, but I got caught in the act!

17 responses to “Baby Brain

  1. Congratulations!!! Is this your first grandchild?

  2. Thanks Deb! Can’t wait for you to meet him in person!

  3. I love his facial expression in the first one!!! Precious.

  4. Me too! He’s really expressive for such a little thing!

  5. he’s got littleoldmanface! He’s lovely. Congratulations, felicitaciones and mazel tov!

  6. I’ll take that in the kindest sense, of course! And yes, there’s no doubt at all that he’s a boy!
    Thanks, gracias, and ashaynem dahnk!

  7. He looks so grown up in that first photo! Congrats to you and your family.

  8. Thanks Emily! He really does have a little man face!

  9. So sweet! and he totally fits in the suitcase–too bad you were caught–maybe next time 😉

  10. Yeah, I’m looking around for the right carry on bag for next time around!

  11. That first photo is an absolute classic. get that one printed, framed and hung on yours and your daughters walls ASAP.

    Feel very happy for you Peg. Great time to get that new machine.

  12. Thanks Matt! You know I appreciate your comments (and puff up obscenely with praise!)
    Obviously that shot is the only one taken with the new camera and the new lens! It is definitely a keeper, along with a few other choice shots of fingers and toes and baby whatnots!

  13. I had a sneaking suspicion that was not a compact camera image!
    If you are anything like my Mum when she became an abuela (this word is so much nicer than the English version) I expect complete baby brain melt down from you, for at least the next 2.5 years)

  14. 1- Yes, a BIG difference between that first image (for camera geeks: Canon 7D with a 100mm macros lens) and the others from simple point and shoots!
    2- Oh my God- 2.5 years? Ohhhh Nooooo!

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