Cachando Chile on the Air-October 28

We’re back!
Cachando Chile on the Air
starts its regular programming today, Wednesday October 29, 2009 on Santiago Radio.

Santiago Radio


Margaret Snook (that would be me) and Felipe Valdivia chat about life in Chile every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM, (UTC/GMT-3 hours–as a reference, New York is currently UTC/GMT-4 hours–we’re on Daylight Savings Time).

Today’s topic is FOOD!

Please let us know if there’s something–or some place–that you would like us to discuss… Got a favorite (or least favorite) dish?  Restaurant? Picada? Place to shop? Fruit? Veggie? Meat? Spice? The floor is open to discussion!

Cachando Chile on the Air–Santiago Radio:

Don’t touch that mouse!


5 responses to “Cachando Chile on the Air-October 28

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  2. Will this radio spot have a phone-in feature and are you taking suggestions for topics?

    I tuned into RS for the first (and only time) some months back………………..dreadful!!! Can you assure me that if I give two hours of my very valuable time to this slot that I won’t regret it?

    I’m glad that I’ve stumbled across a decent blog about Santiago/Chile. So far, all I’ve come across are the badly written ramblings of some chubby ankled gringas down here on daddy’s dollar.

    By the way, either that link doesn’t work or their site is down.

  3. Hi Shark- we’re working on the phone in or maybe twitter in option, and nope- can’t guarantee you a thing except that we’ll be there, doing our gig. Hope you like it, and we’re open to feedback.
    By the way, it’s the right link… I don’t know what’s up with the site today.
    RE the blog- Thanks for the vote of confidence–I checked yours and see you’ve got some pretty demanding standards. I did a lot of checking around of other blogs before starting this one and know that there are a lot of different reasons to have a blog… didn’t find any of the thick-ankled variety, although yes, some were students (and therefore probably on dad’s dime), some were misery venting bitch blogs, most were young adults here working (often teaching English) and writing about their experiences to share with family and friends, and others, like this one, aim to reflect on what’s going on around here and try to offer some insights and hopefully useful information to others who might be going through the same thing past, present, or future. I’ve got links to a number of them on the blog roll… hope you find something you like!
    By the way, check out this link for Emily William’s piece on Chilean bloggers:

  4. Is there an mp3 of the Food show? I missed it as I live in Los Angeles, California and the timing of events can be ruinous, i.e., you are on-the-air when I cannot listen.

  5. Hi Mark-
    We don’t have podcasts or MP3s yet- but we’re working on it! Thanks for your interest!

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