Anthony Bourdain has his word on Chile

Dear Cachando Readers-

I apologize… once again I fell into the “I forgot I’m at the end of the world” trap. Hanging out with Alice in the rabbit hole again…

It turns out that Anthony Bourdain will NOT be regaling those of us who live in Chile tonight with his quick-witted tales of how much he enjoyed (or didn’t) his time in Chile. My mistake. They had contacted me from the program itself to say that the show would air tonight, but… silly me… I forgot to ask what continent they were talking about. See, with internet and all, it is so easy to forget that “tonight” there may well mean “six months or so” here… so for the time being, we will have NO Reservations and no Bourdain just yet… Apparently it will air here in 2010!!

So now, go have a completo, or a lomito, or an arrollado with a good beer, or better yet Chilean wine to drown your sorrows and wait for the real thing…


The original post… which WILL be true one of these days!  (the links are still worth checking out!)

Anthony Bourdain made waves during his visit to Chile a couple months back as he traveled through the country’s mid-section and on to the south in search of “real food” Chilean style. Hot dogs, lomitos, arrollado, sea urchins, oysters, and wine were on his list of hits… piure definitely was not.

He was taping for his show “No Reservations” and the word is out… the Chile episode will air at 10pm on Monday, July 13 on the Travel Channel.

Wanna know what’s to come? You can catch the drift by taking a look at his itinerary. Then read about what he had to say when he was here at “Anthony Bourdain loves Lomitos” or what he says himself on his own blog: “Antonio/Antonia.” Local gringa expat Liz Caskey was involved in the production and tells her side of No Reservations at Eat Wine, and then you can also see a sneak preview of Tony’s first confrontation with the ubiquitous completo, check this out:

35 responses to “Anthony Bourdain has his word on Chile

  1. Wish I had cable! I love No Reservations, and it would be even more enjoyable to see the Chile review.

    Being veggie, I never tried a completo. Seems pretty simple to mimic it though.

  2. They sell vegetarian hot dogs here, don’t they? And then you just pile all the gunk on top!

  3. or try a papapleto!

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  5. Now you’ve got me curious…What’s a parapleto?

  6. Swap the hot dog for a load of French fries. I think it’s a Valpo thing…

  7. Wow- never heard of that… sounds like mega carbs with mayo!

  8. The papaleto was made for me. (I had never heard of it either.)

  9. This may be a boon because I’m going to have cable for the next two months. Maybe I’ll catch the S.A. showing!

  10. I am in the States and I saw one of these programs, probably not this exact one if it hasn’t aired yet… who’s that other guy who travels and eats? He didn’t like piure either if I remember. I hadn’t eaten a hot dog in years before living in Chile. Papapleto? darn now I want french fries!

  11. Annje- when did you see this program… tonight? That’s when they SAID it would air!

  12. i’m watching it right now! US pacific time 10:32.

  13. It seems it DID air in the US last night… I’m sorry we couldn’t see it… I’m still trying to get someone to tell me definitively WHEN it will air here in Chile!

  14. No, I saw a similar show last year with a different guy–but same premise. I missed the one last night since I don’t have cable.

  15. Wow, I wonder which show that was? Would love to have seen it…

  16. I just watched the show (I downloaded it), and I think he did a pretty good job on showing Chile’s different dishes (even though I didn’t agree with his opinion on completos). My favorite part, by far, has to be the seafood section (I’m a big fan of seafood and fish… and not much of choclo, prietas, or perniles).
    I have to say I was impressed that cafés con piernas were shown (don’t worry, they showed the PG-rated ones. He went to Café Caribe), and the Patagonia-views were breath-taking.
    Two quotes that really cracked me up:
    “A completo is like a Ron Jeremy-esque tube of meat”.
    “Finding seafood in Chile is like finding Chlamydia in Burning Man”.

  17. I’m hearing such great stuff about the show– I can’t wait to watch it!
    I also wondered about Café Caribe being listed as a café con piernas… could it be that no one introduced him to a real one? I doubt it’s due to any PG-rating-desire!!

  18. Aimee- thanks for the link to your post… and I agree with you when you agree with him saying that Chile is one of the most beautiful places on Earth! I think sometimes the people in Chile tend to forget that.

  19. El Mercurio wrote about the show this morning and said it will air here in 2010… talk about feeling relegated to the end of the Earth!

  20. The one I saw (I asked the friend who tivo’d it to show us) is called Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the travel channel. He tries a lot of the things I never would… like ubre, chunchules etc. It is supposed to air tomorrow (7/16) on the travel channel, but I don’t know if that goes for Chile too. Here is a link:

  21. I saw the Bourdain one here in the US a few days ago. Pretty good but I reckon the Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods did a better job of showing what’s on offer, including donkey milk from outside the market in Santiasco 🙂 Bizarre Foods is from last year and aired in Chile a while ago, catch it if you can on repeat, it’s really funny.

    What I found funniest about both shows is that they make Chile sound so incredibly exotic and made me want to go to that magical, mysterious country that was so unlike the one in which I live.

  22. Just in case…

    the youtube version of Bourdain´s chapter about Chile.

  23. Itunes has the show for download for about $2???? I downloaded it and watched it later out at my house. I enjoyed it, as I do almost anything Bourdain does. But I found myself thinking that he just skimmed the faint surface of Chile. True. But, then I thought that had he tried to do a show on the USA as a whole, in one show, how can you cover that kind of diversity.

    I would have liked to have seen him visit Isla Chiloe for some traditional foods, or Patagonia for an asado, or Arica., the Atacama area, but really…how do you do Chile in an hour, or half hour, or even a month.

    I also wanted someone other than me to try the sea urchin stuff….I’m curious, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it.

  24. Sea urchin is so bad…I mean, do you really want to eat something that looks like this????

  25. Annje-
    Thanks for that Zimmerman link… sounds interesting… About the “bizarre” chilean foods… have you actually tried ubre? (cow’s udder) It’s amazingly good! Chinchules, on the other hand… ick… I mean REALLY ICK!

  26. Matt- you and Annje are on the same wavelength it seems with the Zimmerman Bizarre Foods report… I’m going to have to track it down.
    Interesting comment about making Chile seem bizarre… but to an outsider, I guess it is… we just get bogged down in the routine of it all!
    And I agree with you about sea urchin… not my favorite thing… not even because of the way it looks- it’s just that all that iodine is really pretty heavy duty! I keep trying it, thinking that it must be an acquired taste, like coffee (love it), or scotch (getting there)…

  27. Vicki- thanks for the heads up on the Itunes version… 2 bucks sounds like a good enough deal (vs waiting til next year!!)
    And you’re right… these shows can do no more than skim the surface… we know that because even after all these years here, we still keep learning, right?!

  28. This link is not food related, but I saw an interesting program called “The Ascent of Money” that uses Chile as an example. You can see the whole video on the PBS site. I thought you might be interested.

  29. Want to borrow my copy

    I love the Chile episode and would like to share it with a fan that has not seen it.
    I can send my copy of the Chile episode to whoever wants it. Contact me and I’ll send you my personal TV taped copy. You will need to pay shipping costs only to where ever you are..

  30. My favorite episode to date!! Oh how I miss those gigantic competos. I never ONCE could finish one of those without spilling all over the ground or my foot. lol

  31. Kyle- Never tried making them at home? Sounds like some kind of a dare, doesn’t it? (Warning kids, don’t try this at home!)
    Rubber rain boots are the thing here these days… I bet they’d do a great job of keeping your feet completo-goo free too!

  32. Ooh I want to check this episode out. Anthony Bourdain spoke at my university a few months ago, and he struck me as rather arrogant and kind of a jerk. I’d be interested in what he thought of Chilean food.

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