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Anthony Bourdain has his word on Chile

Dear Cachando Readers-

I apologize… once again I fell into the “I forgot I’m at the end of the world” trap. Hanging out with Alice in the rabbit hole again…

It turns out that Anthony Bourdain will NOT be regaling those of us who live in Chile tonight with his quick-witted tales of how much he enjoyed (or didn’t) his time in Chile. My mistake. They had contacted me from the program itself to say that the show would air tonight, but… silly me… I forgot to ask what continent they were talking about. See, with internet and all, it is so easy to forget that “tonight” there may well mean “six months or so” here… so for the time being, we will have NO Reservations and no Bourdain just yet… Apparently it will air here in 2010!!

So now, go have a completo, or a lomito, or an arrollado with a good beer, or better yet Chilean wine to drown your sorrows and wait for the real thing…


The original post… which WILL be true one of these days!  (the links are still worth checking out!)

Anthony Bourdain made waves during his visit to Chile a couple months back as he traveled through the country’s mid-section and on to the south in search of “real food” Chilean style. Hot dogs, lomitos, arrollado, sea urchins, oysters, and wine were on his list of hits… piure definitely was not.

He was taping for his show “No Reservations” and the word is out… the Chile episode will air at 10pm on Monday, July 13 on the Travel Channel.

Wanna know what’s to come? You can catch the drift by taking a look at his itinerary. Then read about what he had to say when he was here at “Anthony Bourdain loves Lomitos” or what he says himself on his own blog: “Antonio/Antonia.” Local gringa expat Liz Caskey was involved in the production and tells her side of No Reservations at Eat Wine, and then you can also see a sneak preview of Tony’s first confrontation with the ubiquitous completo, check this out: